Electric Repair in Wollongong

Our electricians have experience with a wide range of specialised electrical services, delivering projects of every size – from small home jobs to major business projects – across the Illawarra, Wollongong and South Coast regions.

We’re licensed to deliver specialised electrical services covering everything from installing solar power systems or security systems to connecting and maintaining the power lines between your home or business and the grid.

Level 2: Contestable service work/connection services


As an authorised ASP/2 provider we can deliver a full range of connection services and contestable service works, including installing, repairing or maintaining the overhead or underground service lines between your home or business and the electricity network.

This includes disconnecting and reconnecting existing premises from the network, installing electricity metering equipment, connecting service lines to the network and energising the installation.

Home Smart Wiring



Smart Wiring is an industry wiring standard that allows you to connect together all the sections of your home for control at the touch of a button, including multiple telephones, internet, fax, and PAY-TV options, home security systems, audio systems, automated home lighting, and garden irrigation features.

It makes your home an intelligent and reactive environment to live in, allowing you to easily install a superior home security system. Smart Wiring can be installed at either the construction stage or during your renovation or extension works, installing as much Smart Wiring as your budget and lifestyle requirements.

Data & Communications


Easther Electrical can deliver all types of structured cabling solutions, including fibre optic, copper, voice and data cable installation, as well as providing your wireless access points, MATV, testing, and certification. We’ve looked after many communications infrastructure projects in the Illawarra, with clients across the education, hospitality and retail sectors.

Easther Electrical’s ACRS (Australian Cabler Registration Services) qualified technicians ensure you get expert service and support for all data cable installations, from initial advice on selection, design, and commissioning, through to ongoing maintenance, extensions, and upgrades. We’ll look after the design and installation for all of your data, telephony, CCTV, TV and MATV systems. We have endorsements in structured cabling, fiber optic, and coaxial cabling, and our product comes with a lifetime warranty for commercial construction.

Underground Asset Location Services | Excavation

Before you start excavating, you need to enlist the help of expert underground asset location services, to ensure that you don’t dig through any pre-existing underground pipes or cables.

Our qualified underground asset locators can assist in the detection and location of underground utility services including telecommunications, sewer and stormwater assets, electricity cabling, and water and gas pipes.

Our full service includes assisting with excavation and concrete cutting and also making load assessment calculations before the equipment is brought in. Significant cost and safety hazards can be reduced by planning and locating hidden underground services before you start working. It’s a small investment before you dig that could save you thousands of dollars in repair costs, penalties, and downtime.

Solar Power



Our team is fully licensed, experienced, and accredited in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems for Australia. We source only the best products warranted in Australia by the manufacturer, and we manage the entire process, providing expert advice to ensure that you get the right system for your home or business needs.

Solar energy is a renewable free source of energy that is sustainable and affordable, meaning you’ll save on your electricity costs. By switching to solar power you’ll be helping the environment by producing your own power – as well as taking advantage of the Australian government’s financial incentives for going solar.

Battery & Grid Connection Battery

If you’re generating your own electricity from a solar power system, or another sustainable power system, then you’ll need to have your energy system connected to the right kind of battery storage, to store your power.

We’ve done the research and found the best type of battery storage for every power system, and our relationship doesn’t end after the battery sale and installation – we’ll continue to provide ongoing maintenance and advice.

We can also connect your storage batteries to the grid, allowing you to sell your excess electricity back to the grid, further reducing your power bills.




Our team of local electricians is proud of its strong record delivering electrical maintenance services to primary schools and high schools, real estate companies and large industrial plants across the Illawarra, South Coast and Highlands.

We’ll tailor a program that suits the needs of your business – whether that’s programmed or preventative maintenance – and because we’re local electricians we can work outside of your business hours, ensuring you experience minimal downtime.

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